Joe Girardi hired as new Phillies manager. So what should we expect?

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Deep in the Pocket sports columnists Andrew Shinkle, Josh Meyers, Aaron Arnstein, and Nate Griffin discuss the new Phillies manager.

  After a disappointing, overhyped season, the Phillies look for a change. Adding key new players like Jean Segura, JT Realmuto, and Bryce Harper could not help this team make the playoffs for the first time in 7 years. The Phillies finished with a mediocre 81-81 record.

  Heading this team was second year coach Gabe Kapler, an analytics driven manager, who was lackluster as the head of the Phillies and never got them to where they needed to be.

  Kapler was fired at the beginning of October, leaving an attractive opening at a key role. World Series winning Joe Madden and consistent Buck Showalter were reported to be in the mix for the job, but ultimately, the Phillies went with Joe Girardi.

  Girardi played from 1989 to 2003. During this time, he played for the Cubs, Rockies, Yankees, and Cardinals. After that, his coaching career began

  He has been a successful manager ever since entering the MLB. He managed the Florida Marlins in 2006 and received the National League Manager of the Year honor. 

  He was offered and accepted the Yankees head coaching job and went on to be their guy from 2008 to 2017. 

  In 2009, he and the Yankees went to the World Series and beat the Phillies, winning their 27th world championship in franchise history. 

  From then on, the Yankees made the playoffs a few more times, but never could get back on top. After 8 years, the Yankees moved on from Girardi.

  When the Phillies moved on from Kapler, their skipper door was open. And in entered Girardi, who was hired on October 24th.

  Now, he has his eyes on the prize, just like any head coach. “I know the importance of winning here. This is what we all want to accomplish,” Girardi said at his press conference. “We want to win here.”

  Heading into an important offseason, the Phillies look to build off of a mediocre season, and hiring Girardi puts them in the right direction.