Season 2 of “The End of the F***ing World” is angstier than ever

The End Of the F***ing World Season does not fail to offer viewers angst

The End Of the F***ing World Season does not fail to offer viewers angst

  There is plenty to love about Season 2  of “End of the F***king World.” In Season 1,  the

finale ends with a main character getting shot, so it wasn’t completely certain whether or not there would

be a second season. Luckily, the show returned this month after a twenty-five month hiatus. This season deals with the realistic results of two teens on a crime spree.

    The second season finds James and Alyssa recovering from the physical and mental adjustment of

living a life similar to Bonnie and Clyde. They’ve realized that it was the teen mentality making them have so many extenisial questions of their purpose and destiny. Both of them find that going back to their normal lives was completely boring. 

   Alyssa returns to her uncomfortable and awkward pace and returns home to live with her aunt. She starts a new job, not involving crime, but at a cafe where she finds a new respect for people. In Season 1, you see how easily she has outbursts towards people. You begin to see her maturity in  Season 2. She’s no longer living life based off her impulsives, that often time get her in trouble. While all seems cool on the surface at her new job and attempt at life, she is boiling internally and runs into James after a night of overwhelming and overpowering internal chaos.

    Just like Alyssa, James has made a change in his life after the shooting. He is no longer an insane

psychopath, and has made mature decisions since the incident. It is strange how the show forgot how terrible his mentality was since he  goes to therapy and and is somewhat emotionally stable.

   Until tragedy strikes.

  The season pulls the misfit couple back to each other, while finding a way for them to exist in

the pool of bad luck they always create for themselves. They quickly come to the realization that skipping

town for the second time isn’t going to be as exciting as it was when they were rebelling teenagers.

   Alyssa soon enough understands that she is no longer the rebellious kid she once was and if she continued making these terrible decisions they would actually hurt people this time. James knows this too but has no one left. He almost doesn’t care about the pain because he’s already been through so much and doesn’t think it could get better with anyone else. 

  For most of the season, James holds his father’s urn very closely, almost clinging onto it for the entire season. He begins to develop the realization that he has never had healthy connections with Alyssa or his own father. His

growth throughout this season is drastic, but it still seems natural because he is always awkward and bad

at life. Yet, you see him caring more for other people, developing empathy, and wanting more in life than 


  Season 2 of “The End of the F**king World”   is dramatic, funny, and has a large chunk of drama and tension. Last season had more of an ongoing series of bad events and conflicts. This season is more of a slow simmer, where you are

waiting for something bad to happen.

   By season’s end, you will learn from this small group of kids. With such an overwhelmingly optimistic end, hopefully there will be even more angst and conflict in Season 3.