High School Football Game Shooting

  On November 16, 2019, a high school playoff football game became deadly when someone in the stands opened fire. When the game between the Camden Panthers and the Pleasantville Greyhounds stopped due to an active shooter, fear and panic struck the spectators.

  One of the lost lives belonged to ten year old Micah Tennant. As a spectator of the game, he was shot and immediately transported to the nearest hospital in critical condition. On Wednesday, six days after the shooting, he was pronounced dead.

  Following the shooting, the Philadelphia Eagles announced that the game would be resumed on Lincoln Financial Field that Wednesday. Many of the players played in honor of those wounded or killed in the shooting, especially Tennant and there was a moment of silence.

  Coach Dwayne Savage of Camden said, “We always preach to our guys, that’s our safe haven. We forget about all of our problems on the football field,”. However, this devastating shooting broke the safe haven of the players, and broke the hearts of Micah Tennant’s family.