Mr. Picot heads the powerhouse athletic department as new VP

With leadership skills from the classroom and the lacrosse field, Mr. Picot has made a successful transition from teacher to administrator.


Ava Hancock '20

Mr. Steven Picot has been at Eastern for fifteen years, but this year is his first as an administrator.

Mr. Picot has upgraded his math classroom in the 80s hallway to an athletic office in the 600s. Switching from teaching math to becoming an administrator doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s something that Mr. Picot always knew he wanted to pursue.

   “When I went to get my masters [degree], I actually got my masters to become an athletic director; a vice principal. And that’s actually been my career goal—to get to this position,” said Mr. Picot. 

  As a high schooler, he played both baseball and football. He then went on to attend Rider University, where he participated in lacrosse.

  After teaching math for two years at Rancocas Valley, Mr. Picot came to teach at Eastern, where he has remained for the last 15 years. This year is his first year serving as the Vice Principal of Athletics and Activities, and it has been very eye-opening for him.

  “As a teacher, you’re kind of in your classroom, doing your thing–you have one focus. On the administrative side, it’s very wide open; it actually gives me a chance to help more students than just the kids in my classroom. I get to help the whole school, which is why I wanted to go this route,” he said.

  In his new role, Mr. Picot creates athletic schedules and assists in events such as school dances and pep rallies. He has even helped organize a new contest at the basketball team’s home games where student spectators can win a TV. Even if his influence is indirect, he still loves the fact that he now has such a far-reaching impact on the school.

  One of his main goals as the Vice Principal of Athletics and Activities is to bring school spirit back to Eastern. 

  “I know my high school was very school-spirited and I know we need to improve that here at Eastern. I really want to try and help get our students’ voices out and also have a chance for them to really enjoy [high school] more than they are,” he said.

  “I get asked this question all the time,” said Mr. Picot lightheartedly when asked if he misses teaching. 

  “Because this is so new, I’m really just focused on doing the best I can at this job, so I haven’t really had time to reflect on the classroom as much,” he said.

  Mr. Picot is appreciating his past, focusing on his present, and looking forward to the future.

  “I would never be opposed to going back to teaching if I had to, but I’m really happy in the role I’m in.”