Taking down the gender barrier on the wrestling mat

Ever since its inception, wrestling has always been thought of as a male-dominated sport. But, the times are changing.


Coach Worthington

Junior Rachel Forsman won 2nd place at the Kingsway Girls Wrestling tournament.

Wrestling builds confidence and endurance. It’s about pins and headlocks. It’s also about sweat and grunts – and being male. 

  But that has changed: at least the male part. 

  Girl wrestlers at Eastern are a faithful and ferocious few. Over the past two years, these few have prospered. Girls have been joining nationally, providing for girls wrestling leagues to blossom throughout high schools.

   Coach Worthington has been coaching wrestling for 26 years, and has been a health and physical education teacher at Eastern for 24 years.

  “If you’re coming to wrestle,” he said, “you’re being treated as an athlete.” He said that if girls try out for the team, they should prepare for a self esteem boost and skills that are needed in the real world.

   The girls wrestling team this year has a total of five girls, two seniors and three juniors. Angelina Travaglini is one of the two seniors.

  Travaglini said wrestling is one of the hardest things she’s ever done. It’s not just because of the physical training, but having to grasp the mental determination that’s needed to get you where you want to be. “I love the challenge,” she said.

  Rachel Forsman, a junior, has been surrounded by wrestling her entire life. She’s the third Forsman to go through Eastern’s wrestling program.

  “I finally feel like I am able to be part of something bigger,” she said. “No longer am I doing this just for myself but those before me and after me.”

  Forsman is the first female wrestling captain. Wrestling has not only has provided her with a family but physically, her health has improved.

   “I have learned how to motivate and push myself to do something when I feel like I cannot do it,” she said, “It’s really cool to see how much your body transforms and how much more you can do now. I can finally climb a rope.”

  The Eastern Girl’s Wrestling Program looks to grow as much as possible and girls are encouraged to consider joining the team for the 2021 season.