Pilot Pete’s season of The Bachelor premieres and promotions warn viewers to “expect turbulence”


The 24th season of The Bachelor premiered on January 6, 2020 and the drama is heating up. Quickly after the first episode aired, theories about the end-result began stirring, and Bachelor Nation was quickly divided, picking their favorite (and least favorite) contestants. 

     The Bachelor this season is Peter Weber, a 28 year old pilot from California. Mere months after heartbreak from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, he is looking for love again. 

     The first episode was a shocking three-hours long, which comprised of the 30 contestants’ arrivals, the first one-on-one date, and the first group date. 

     It is now a tradition for the contestants of the season to pull out all the stops when emerging from the limo to meet the bachelor: this season was no different. Many women played upon the fact that Peter is a pilot, dressing up as Flight Attendants or TSA Agents, or quite literally flying into the mansion in a tiny plane. Others made jokes pertaining to Hannah Brown’s season of the bachelorette, which Peter was a contestant on: mentioning Hannah, mentioning the infamous windmill, or even wearing a windmill costume to really stand out. One contestant brought a cow with her to meet Peter for the first time: a greeting that will probably not be forgotten. 

     However, the majority of the episode revolved around the not one, but two surprise appearances from Hannah Brown, the previous bachelorette. 

     Hannah had returned to give Peter back the wings he had given to her when she was the bachelorette. She made this gesture as a sign of her support of his journey to find love, but the women in the house had their claws out as soon as she stepped out of the limo. Once Hannah had said her goodbye to Peter, they all breathed a little easier, with hopes to get to know Peter for themselves.

     However, to their surprise Hannah had not gone far. The women all became very tense when Hannah appeared at the first group date of the season. Peter and Hannah had a drama-filled chat, which after many tears and hugs ended with Peter asking Hannah to join this season of The Bachelor, in hopes that the two might rekindle an old flame. Hannah, about to begin her time on “Dancing with the Stars”, said she didn’t know how to answer. 

     The cliffhanger-ending of the episode left viewers wondering if Hannah was going to become a contestant on Peter’s season. Bachelor Nation wasted no time going to social media to share theories and opinions about if she’d stay or not. 

     Leaving the women of the season worried, Peter more confused than ever, and Bachelor Nation *freaking* out, the producers of the Bachelor stirred all of this drama in only episode one. Who knows what kind of drama will occur later in the season? Just like, the promotions for Pilot Pete’s season read: “Expect Turbulence”