Quick tips for surviving your family


Mr. Bowne

It’s too far out to tell the specifics of what will happen on November 3, but it can be confirmed that the Coronavirus has impacted it already.

It’s been two days since I left my house. This also means it’s been two days since my brother and parents have left the house.

  This is probably the most amount of time we’ve ever spent together, besides vacations. We’re normally a very busy family, especially during the week.

  My brother and I go to school during the day, and then at night he goes to soccer and I go to dance. My mom is usually out running errands and driving us around while taking care of our dog.

  When he’s not traveling, my dad’s at work and meetings. We usually try to have a family meal at night, but because of everyone’s schedules, this usually only happens one or two times a week.

  But now, we’re all stuck in one house.

  We’re two days into this thing, and I’m starting to go insane. I’ve pretty much isolated myself in my room (which seems to get smaller everyday).

  So far it’s been pretty productive: I’ve learned five Tik Tok dances, finished this season of “The Bachelor,” took an online yoga class (that’s how you really know I’m losing it), and started binge-watching “Love Is Blind.”

  Throughout this, I’ve probably yelled at my brother to shut up at least six times an hour, but he’s still alive. None of us have killed each other. Yet.

Here are some ways we’re surviving:

Hang out with your friends

If your friends live in the same neighborhood as you, go take a walk with them. But stay six feet apart because you know, social distancing.


The amount of times I’ve yelled at my brother for just walking around the house watching Netflix or FaceTiming his friends at full volume is too many to count. Do the whole house a favor and put headphones on. It’ll save a lot of arguments.

Tik Tok

Hear me out on this one. Tik Tok is like a time warp. I go on at 1pm and all the sudden a second later it’s 10pm. It’s crazy. My brother and I have moved to communicating through Tik Toks. All of our texts for the past two days are just Tik Toks. No words.

Play a family game

My brother and I call it headbonkers. One person asks the other a question about themselves, like what is my favorite color, and if they get it wrong, you hit them in the head with an empty plastic water bottle. It’s fun and you learn stuff about each other!