A guide to staying sane in “solitude”

Being stuck in my house has been so much fun! The lack of social interaction is my favorite part. 

 Fortunately, I’ve found many different things to do to keep myself occupied. So here’s a guide to what you CAN and CANNOT do in quarantine. 




  • Go out to eat!

 Restaurants are a great place to visit right now! Social interaction is just what we need, and going out to a public place is the perfect place to do it!


  • Go see a concert/musical!

 Very similarly to restaurants, going to a concert and musical, with tons of people in close proximity is perfect for this time. Definitely no harm in being inches away from thousands of people you’ve never met before!


  • Hang out with all your friends!

 If your friend group is more than ten people, this is the right time to hang out. Sharing food and being close together is the best thing to do.


  • Touch your face and Don’t wash your hands!

 Just like usual, touching your face and not washing your hands is completely healthy. In fact, it’s the healthiest thing you could do! No risk of a disease or virus at all!




  • Watch TV/movies!

 Lounging on the couch for hours on end, binging movies and TV shows is something you shouldn’t be doing. Not only does it encourage social distancing, it allows you to relax and stay healthy. 

  • Do some Art!

 From painting and coloring, to sewing an outfit, partaking in any form of art is not a wise thing to do. Expressing oneself through another way besides words, especially during this easy time, is redundant.


  • Meditate!

 Through this extremely calm time, meditating is not a good thing to do. Gaining control of the *definitely not* stressful thoughts in your brain is not the smartest thing to do.


  • Go outside!

 Fresh air! Who needs that?! Fresh air is so unhealthy, it completely destroys our lungs. We don’t need air! 


  • Spend time with your family!

 Sitting down at the table together? Playing board games and watching movies together? Nope! Just focus on yourself and go about your schedule as if nothing is wrong!