Photos of COVID-19

 Good photos share a moment. Great photos tell a story.

   These are 10 photos that reveal various aspects of humanity during the pandemic; from seeking normalcy to efforts for survival. 

   The first three photos were provided from NPR News, the fourth and fifth are from the Los Angeles Times, the last five are from CBS News.


Hector Retaml/AFP via Getty Images

 The brightness of the tv screen provides contrast from the medical staff and the dark line of tired people. This photo represents the situation the world is in: fighting against a darkness that makes everyone worried and tired.

AFP via Getty Images

   The man’s expression in this photo instantly makes the viewer feel uneasy and tense because he looks tense as well. The viewer’s eye travels to the police officer’s arm checking the man’s health. This photo tells the story of ensuring safety and humanity’s trust in technology over our own bodies.

Qilai Shen/Bloomberg via Getty Images

   All of the bright red and gold immediately overwhelm the viewer as the eyes search for contrast. The contrast is found in the center of the photo, with a woman shopping for something. The woman also wears a ring on her left hand. This photo tells the story of the effort to seek normalcy and preserve dignity during the pandemic.

Ariana Cubillos

   The viewer can almost imagine the woman’s movements as she hurries toward the camera. The woman is holding a colorful blanket. The viewer gets a sense of messiness from this photo. It emphasizes the franticness of the pandemic, to escape the disease.

Aaron Favila

   The viewer categorizes the baby’s expression as angry, her eyebrows appear furrowed while her nose and mouth are covered by the face mask. The young baby is decorated in adorable pink fashion. The baby is forced to wear a Hello Kitty face mask. This photo tells the viewer to make the most of their situation: to maintain the image of a beautiful baby while pursuing protection. This photo also exemplifies the lengths humanity must take in order to stay safe and healthy amid a pandemic.

Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

   The viewer is attracted to the neon lime green sign that says “We’re all in this together,” yet the eye only finds two members of the national guard. The rest of the photo is devoid of people. This photo emphasizes that although society cannot be physically together they can still stay connected in spirit.

John Nacion/NurPhoto/Getty Images

   The lack of light within this photo gives the viewer a sense of stillness. The New York Mets mascot encourages New Yorkers to maintain social distancing protocols. The viewer can connect the message to the stillness of professional sport seasons but also to the newfound stillness they may find while in quarantine.

Braulio Jatar/Echoes Wire/Barecroft Media/Getty Images

   The lopsided perspective of the photo makes the viewer feel they are riding the New York subway. The main focus of the photo is the gloved hand on the rail. The viewer also realizes they’re aren’t many people on this subway, especially for New York’s standards. It tells the story of bitter necessity.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

   The bright yellow sign says “Do the right thing” referencing to follow social distancing protocols, but also to avoid riding the subway unless absolutely necessary. The man walking past the sign wears a face mask, gloves and a full backpack. This photo tells the viewer the reality of New York: fighting for survival.

Getty Images

   The viewer recognizes that this photo was taken in a supermarket because there’s bright light shining on various food items. However, the people in photo all happen to be wearing very dark clothing along with face masks and gloves. This provides a dramatic contrast for the viewer, in color but also in reality. Supermarket shoppers are venturing in a potential danger zone in order to ensure their survival.


   Overall, these photos have at least one objective in common: to get the viewer a sense of perspective outside of their own. To see people struggle to search for normalcy in a time where survival is dire. All these photos say “We are human but we are fighters.” It’s important more than ever to listen and embrace staying together and staying connected especially when we’re separated from each other.