Enough of COVID-19, let’s talk fruit


Matt Chowansky

The official cover art for “ENOUGH OF COVID, LET’S TALK FRUIT”. Photo by Matt Chowansky

Let’s talk about something here that I’m sure was not expected to be seen on The Voyager – fruits. Believe it or not, fruits are extremely important in one’s diet and that’s pretty obvious.

In America, according to several online sources in addition to a government website, fruits are naturally low in sodium, fat, and calories which are beneficial to the overall health of the individual consuming fruit.

Should you eat more fruits in a day? Absolutely! In addition to creating a more healthy body for yourself by eating several fruits a day, it also potentially increases your lifespan by adding a few additional years, some researchers say.

While it is hard to scientifically prove this fact due to numerous factors, it is very logical. Many parents to children under five today encourage their children to eat their fruits and vegetables.

It is still very essential that even if you are not considered a child anymore, you should still include fruits and vegetables with your diet daily.

Some fruits that rank among the best to include the best dose of healthiness include Grapefruit, pineapple, avocado, blueberries, apples, mango, and strawberries. Strawberries and blueberries are something most individuals have nearly every day as it is a lot of other foods such as yogurt.

Let’s take a look at some facts here that will really educate individuals and assist them in a better understanding of the benefits of consuming fruit daily.

In addition to being rich in natural resources and being a supply of nutrients for the body, it is also very eco-friendly and cost-efficient to purchase fruits from local stands and local farmer markets.

There are many sides to this and it is a win-win situation for everybody involved.

Produce, which contains fruit, are perishable. This means that you should only buy the amount of fruit that you need, and not extra. The freshest fruit is always going to be the most nutrient-rich, while the older fruit will become old and not contain nearly as much. Some individuals may prefer frozen fruit. Frozen fruit also works.

Frozen fruit lasts longer than natural fruit that may be unfrozen. By freezing the fruit, it preserves it longer for up to two weeks.

Consuming fruit also helps those with health problems. People who have diabetes may need larger fruit and vegetable intake. This is because those with diabetes need the nutrients that the fruit supplies more than others or those who do not have diabetes. Fruit is also great in protecting the health of the heart.

Farmers get to continue to produce fruit with the profits they earn from other individuals buying fruit. Then, when the fruit gets consumed, it naturally supplies the individual with several beneficial things.


Try fruit daily! You’ll like it.