The story of an Eagles off-season better than their actual season

Josh Meyers writes about sports, and this year Monday Mornings have been awful for this Eagles fan.

Josh Meyers

Josh Meyers writes about sports, and this year Monday Mornings have been awful for this Eagles fan.

You know your actual football season was bad when your offseason has more entertainment than your actual football season.

  After the Philadelphia Eagles lost their last three games and simultaneously costing them a playoff spot, the only thing to look forward to for fans was the offseason.

  And that sure has not disappointed.

  As the Eagles and the rest of the playoff-less teams watched fourteen other teams crack a playoff berth, Black Monday awaited. The annual bleak start of the weekday after the regular season usually sees teams firing coaches. The Jets fired Adam Gase, the Jaguars fired Doug Marrone, and other teams let go of their coach from previous seasons. 

  At the point, it did not appear that Super Bowl LII winning Eagles coach Doug Pederson would be let go by the team. During the start of that week, all signs pointed to Pederson staying at the helm for another year, with Pederson saying he was confident he would not be leaving Philly.

  But meetings with owner Jeffrey Lurie changed that. During these meeting, Pederson and Lurie discussed where they wanted for the future of the team. Pederson had responded by moving QB coach Press Taylor offensive coordinator and going from there. Lurie had not approved of this and Pederson’s other visions. 

 A week later, Doug Pederson was out as the Eagles coach after 5 seasons with the team, a Super Bowl ring, and a 42-37-1 record as coach. 

 The move, in my opinion, was fitting. After the Super Bowl win and the departure of then offensive coordinator Frank Reich, the Doug-led Eagles were mediocre at best the next two seasons with matching 9-7 records and playoff berths that cracked a total of one playoff win. 

  The team’s mediocrity plummeted to full out bad this season as the Eagles missed the playoffs, were last in the laughing stock NFC East, and had a record of 4-11-1.

  The offense that was mainly led by Doug Pederson and his play calls were lackluster and downright not good at all. 

  Bad play calling and bad key players getting injured equaled disaster as Eagles starting quarterback Carson Wentz had a statistically horrible season and one of the biggest drop offs from an NFL player under thirty years old.

  Wentz’s horrid play prompted the Eagles to turn to rookie second round draft pick Jalen Hurts. Hurts showed promise through his couple starts, flashing his arm and his legs, and impressing the NFL as a whole. The Eagles has a QB controversy at their hands heading into next season.

  However, the firing of Pederson is telling. 

  A few days ago, an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer detailing the Eagles season behind the curtain was published.

  This article explained the Eagles woes in depth but also talked about a behind the scenes drama between Wentz and Pederson.

  The article states that during practices, Pederson would call a play to which Wentz would change on his own. Late in the season, it had been reported that Wentz and Pederson’s relationship was becoming non existent and it had been clear that one of Pederson or Wentz was not going to be on the Eagles next season.

  And so, the Eagles picked Wentz over Pederson.

  The move seems fair. The firing of Doug will bring in a new head coach that can build a better relationship with Wentz and bring him back to the good QB that he usually is.

  Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels appears as the front runner for the vacant Eagles head coaching job. McDaniels is a six time Super Bowl champion who worked with Tom Brady during the Patriots dynasty run.

  Going into the next season, it appears that Carson Wentz will be handed back the keys to the Eagles offense at quarterback with Jalen Hurts in the backseat as Wentz’s backup.

  In the NFL draft in April, the Eagles will have the sixth overall pick, the first top ten pick the Eagles will have since 2016 when they drafted Wentz number two overall.

  Eagles fans, as well as me, are calling for the team to draft either 2021 Heisman Trophy winner and two time college football champion Oklahoma wide receiver Devonta Smith or LSU stud wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase with their selection in the upcoming draft. One of these wide outs will provide the Eagles offense with much needed young fire power to bring them back to greatness.

 The offseason for the Eagles has just begun this month and it already feels like a journey. Stay tuned. It’s about to get even more crazy.