This aspiring author works hard, is kind, and is family-oriented

Student Profile: Arianna Morales

Junior Arianna Morales is an aspiring author and a member of the Voyager staff. She is family-oriented, kind, and hardworking. I had the opportunity to interview her recently, and we went back and forth asking each other forty questions. 

What are your aspirations? 

“As of right now, I want to pursue being a writer and entrepreneur.”

“What do you want to write about?”

She wants to write a series of books in the fiction, Sci-Fi, and fantasy genre.

What’s the purpose of your life? 

 “To help others.”

What’s the one thing you have that you wouldn’t share with anyone? 

“My toothbrush.” 

What superpower would you want for yourself? 

“The ability to copy other abilities.”

If you could travel time, where and why would you go? 

“I would go to days where I watched my dad play Super Mario Galaxy 2, and just sit there and have fun with him all over again.”

What would you regret in life if you were to die right now? 

“That I spent most of my life in school doing work and worrying about work instead of actually enjoying my life.” 

Which one would you prefer — marriage for twenty years or friendship for life?

“Friendship for life because friends are the people who guide you through every trial and have fun with.” 

What/Who makes you happy? 

“My hobbies and my family; video games, anime, youtube, whatever my family decides to do!”