Between Friends and Hyperfixations

Personality Profiles

   Even through a pandemic, she still has the sanity to not share her retainer.

   Meet Trinity Cash, a sophomore who believes in her ability of creation.

   She wakes with the remnants of a clear dream: to open a cafe with beautiful murals and serve customers with classic savory treats like coffee and brownies. Although she can’t quite conjure delicious confections just yet, she spends her time on “hyperfixations.” As a condition often associated with ADHD among other psychological disorders, they’re like an “itch your brain has to scratch.” In her case, these mini obsessions often translate to anything from funky video games like Friday Night Funkin and exciting Japanese animation like My Hero Academia to the sudden need to Google information.

   Through everything she knows it’s her friends that help her keep her going through it all. “I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t have my friends by my side.” She shares that she would like more of them, as they are the “source of some of [her] happiest memories.” But also so that she could relieve her mouth’s need to chatter through various topics of interest.

   One such topic is that of money. Although she’s never struggled with it personally, she feels as if money is perhaps on the road to finding world peace. “Unrealistic, I know… I just think the world would be a better place if people didn’t have to think about money.” However unrealistic it may be, it’s clear that she understands the delicate balance between moderation and excess. 

   Cash carries herself along the road of her future one step at a time keeping one desire close to her heart as she continues onward: “Happiness! That’s all I want.”