Alternative Thanksgiving Meals


Pixabay & Sabrina Ripke

As time has gone on, more and more people have started venturing out of from traditional Thanksgiving meal

 Thanksgiving. “Turkey Day.” A traditional American holiday. 

  When Thanksgiving comes to mind, it can be assured that most people think of the classics. A table complete with a roast turkey, stuffing, pies, cranberry sauces, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and an abundance of warm, filling side dishes comes to mind almost immediately at the mention of the fall holiday. 

  However, as time goes on, this traditional meal is becoming less common. As more people venture out of traditional diets for their religions, health necessities, or personal beliefs, the classic “Thanksgiving Dinner” is in much need of a revamp. 

  As a vegetarian of three years, I can definitely say that this Thanksgiving upgrade is much needed.

  The most important Thanksgiving element has always been the turkey throughout American tradition. But Turkey is simply not viable to people who have gone vegan, vegetarian, or are observing certain religious specificities. It’s also an extremely expensive meat as time progresses and demand and inflation increase.

  In fact, according to Rhode Island News Station WPRI, “On average 46 million turkeys are killed for the

Thanksgiving holiday each year. This number results in Americans spending over $604 million on this traditional dinnertime main dish.” That is millions of lives and millions of dollars just for one “traditional” meal. For many people, this is simply not worth it.

  Luckily, recent technological advances have left people with a fan-favorite meat substitute: Tofurkey. This 

is a meat substitute made out of wheat and tofu. Tofurkey is often served with a stuffing made of grain, and it’s sold in pre-made loaves, most of which are complete with the stuffing. 

  All that’s left is for you to bake it, and then you’re complete with the perfect Thanksgiving feast. This is a viable alternative for anyone; it reduces the amount of time and stress spent on perfecting a turkey, as well as being very environmentally friendly.

  Thanksgiving isn’t the only holiday that can benefit from a revamp; vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes

exist for almost every meat you could dream of: sausage, steak, chicken, burgers, nuggets, and infinite sandwich varieties have sprouted up incredibly fast as years go on. 

  While I’m not suggesting that you completely convert to being vegan or vegetarian, swapping out meat for vegetarian options is incredibly beneficial for not only your body, but the world around you. 

  And not just that, but they taste incredible too. So, don’t be afraid to take that leap and reach for a new meal, whether that be anything from Tofurkey to vegan chicken nuggets. You never know what you’re missing out on!