The Death of Gabby Petito: Podcast Review


Cover art of the true-crime based podcast, Murder with my Husband.

   The Death of Gabby Petito: Everyone is talking about it. The whole country has been swept up in the case,  yet there are many aspects of it that have never been covered. Luckily, the podcast, Murder With My Husband, on Spotify goes into all of the gritty details that the world has yet to hear. 

   Haley, the narrator of the podcast, covers the sensitive information respectfully to both the victim and her family. Rather than pressing out information for profit, she includes FBI Tip-lines, Police Hotlines, contact numbers in case of emergency, and a general tone of respect towards Gabby. 

   Keeping in mind that this podcast was recorded before her body and cause of death were discovered, it shares information in a manner of uncertainty, but there is still hope. Now that more information has been announced to the public, aspects of the podcast can be rendered inaccurate, however, until Brian Laundrie is found there is much left up in the air.

   Haley begins the podcast by introducing the situation, context, and current aspects of the case. She establishes that it is currently unsolved and causing an uproar within communities everywhere. As Gabby was a social media influencer, her entire journey was documented, which caused the public to further be involved. 

   The way she explains this justifies why everyone across the country is so involved and interested in resolving the case and makes it seem less outlandish. I think the most important thing she made clear was that this is a case that is still unsolved, not just a murder TV show or something to be entertained by. Haley explains that the world needs to have respect for Gabby, and not treat it like an obsessive manhunt or Criminal Minds.

   Later in the podcast, she digs deeper into the details of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie’s relationship with each other. She includes audio from the police body camera recordings to further exemplify the toxic nature of their relationship, and make listeners understand the fear that Gabby’s family and friends had for her.

   Haley discusses this in a very serious manner to bring awareness. It’s important that she wants her audience to watch out for their families and friends going forward because this toxic situation could be happening beneath many roofs without your knowledge. Though the case is currently unsolved and Gabby is missing, Haley remains hopeful in her tone or wording to provide a positive attitude for those interested in the case. 

   She closes up her podcast with the inclusion of all resources to contact authorities with any information or knowledge. It feels like she cares about making an impact and helping rather than profiting off of Gabby missing. The Murder With My Husband Podcast is a reliable, informative resource that provides listeners with a basic knowledge of cases while remaining respectful, helpful, and educated in the matters.