How My Perspective on Life has Changed from COVID

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted my perspective on life in many ways. When the virus was originally spreading, I underestimated how life changing those first few days off from school would be. As a sixteen-year-old trying to enjoy her sophomore year, I thought it would all go back to normal easily. But it wasn’t long before those close to me became seriously sick of it. I couldn’t ignore how serious it was any longer, and tried my best to do everything that could protect myself and my family.  

   I was going through many changes because of all of the changes that were taking place in my life. I started paying close attention to what was going on in the country and packing my brain with the terrible things I saw on the news. It was nearly impossible not to imagine the worst-case scenario. What if my grandparents were to get the virus? What about my parents? Can I even be near my friends and family?

   The stores were closed, school doors shut, nothing was open. Everything seemed like a nightmare that was impossible to wake up from. 

   We tend to learn and grow the most when we’re forced to live and work in different ways. This pandemic has forced us to be pushed out of our comfort zone without any time to even think or process the changes that were being made so quickly in our lives. 

   We are all trying to adapt to the devastation and disruption that this pandemic has brought to the world this year. It has brought a lot of bad but I can thankfully say that I’ve found some light in the dark situations. 

   I’ve been reflecting on what this year has meant for the world and for me personally, and there have been new perspectives on life I’ve developed that I didn’t have before. My self reflection has made me question how factors such as social media, remote schooling, and lack of social life with others during those months of quarantine has changed my mental health and view of everyone and everything around me. 

   More than anything, it has changed the way I value friendships, myself, and others. It has made me realize that I’m not alone in this world and we’ve all been through something that nobody knows about. 

   Although there were times that I thought social media was absolutely horrible and ruining my mental health during quarantine, I was able to find some good. I’ve spent time reading stories about the lives of others during this time and I’ve realized that I’m not alone. We all are able to share our stories or struggles online and you might find yourself feeling less alone. Yes, the internet can be a very negative and empty place, but I’ve tried my best to limit how much time I spend on it daily and the people I interact with.

   This year has made me realize I don’t want negative people in my life anymore. We have all already faced so much negativity, so there’s no reason to hold onto people that are only bringing you down in life. Surround yourself with people that appreciate you and want to support you, or even be that person for yourself. That’s what we all need this year. 

   Despite the difficulty, such changes have prompted new outlooks, new hobbies, and new ways of living. Families and communities have also slowed down and come to appreciate the pleasures of spending time together. 

   Everyone has faced some type of challenge this year that has changed them. Whether it was minor or major, it’s still something that has changed the way you are.