Red (Taylor’s Version) is Released Almost a Decade After its Original Recording


Taylor Swift excites fans with the re-release of her 2012 album “Red”.

  When I hear the name Taylor Swift, my memory takes me back to days where I would blast “22” on the iPod that I stole from my mother merely moments before. 

  Growing up listening to Taylor’s music on the radio was a lifestyle, and for many it still is. This is why many have been excited to hear that she’s been working on new projects, which include two new album remakes, a short film adaption of one of her songs, new merch, and being the musical act on SNL.

  For some background information about Miss Taylor, you should know that she is an American singer-songwriter who is most known for her songs that are influenced by her personal life experiences. She began her journey of professional singing when she was just 14 years old. 

  She has been singing ever since she was a little girl at talent shows, fairs, etc. Swift has extensive experience in the field and being one of pop’s most successful long-standing artists for several years proves that. 

  Her most recent album, Red (Taylor’s Version), dropped on November 12. The unique thing about this album is that it’s a remake of her old album, Red, which was originally released on October 22, 2012. 

  Her rerecordings didn’t start here, though. She remade her second studio-album Fearless back in April. Fearless originally dropped on November 11, 2008.

  Another big surprise is the new bonus tracks that are included with the Taylor’s Version albums. For example, when you listen to the original Fearless, you only get a total of 13 songs, but in the remakes, you get to listen to 26 songs. The same applies to Red, which went from 16 to 30 songs, excluding a voice recording of a message from Taylor.

  Now you may be wondering why Swift decided to remake her albums. The reason behind that is the ownership of the albums and rights were sold to someone else against her wishes. When Taylor decided to leave her old music contract with Big Machine Records in November 2018, the album rights belonged to Big Machine. 

  Swift wasn’t oblivious to the fact that she didn’t have her album rights, so she tried striking a deal with Big Machine to get the rights. She was sadly turned down. 

  Fortunately for Swift, in her new contract with Universal Music Group, she is allowed to re-record and re-release her albums, which she has already started doing.

  One of the big songs on Red is “All Too Well.” It translates the pain of heartbreak at a young age that involves snit bits of one of her former relationships, which will tie in with rumors surrounding the meaning of her short film.

  Another blessing with her new albums is her ability to re-edit songs. We see this happen with “All Too Well,” as it went from a 5:29 to a 10 minute version. It 100% doubles the amount of emotion that you are receiving and giving.

  As if the song couldn’t get any more sad, an “All Too Well” short film was made. The film was written and directed by the one and only Taylor Swift, starring Stranger Things actress Sadie Sink and The Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien. A little spoiler: Swift also starred in the film.

  The short film was first spoken about on November 5th, 2021, when Swift uploaded on her social media platforms about the film. The film was later released on November 12. Her audience was shook due to the fact that she has never done anything like this before. 

  The whole film is a total of about 15 minutes and can be found on YouTube. All you have to do is look up “All Too Well Short Film,” and you’ll find yourself on the verge of tears for the characters in the movie due to the wonderful job done by the actors.

  One of the things that also shook fans or anyone who heard about this was the actors that were playing in this film. The differences in the ages of the actors was kind of in your face; it was the first thing many people thought of when they heard these two were co-stars. Sink is 19 years old, while O’Brien is 30 years old — an 11 year difference. This type of age gap for co-stars has been seen before, but we rarely ever see this where the co-stars are acting as a couple. 

  Many directors tend to try to find actors who are close in age, but it has been suspected that Swift had this age gap appear in her film on purpose. When Swift was merely 20 years old, she and Jake Gyllenhaal, who was 29 at the time, started dating. It was later announced around early January of 2010 that the couple had broken up. Many people brushed aside the age gap between the two since lots of previous Hollywood and famous couples seem to have this same gap.

  Once the film was released, Swifties rushed to all social media platforms to videotape their reactions, to spill their thoughts, and to simply show how broken they were over the song and film. Swift also had a release day premiere at the AMC Theatre at Lincoln Square, New York City on November 12th. 

  It’s safe to say that Swifties have been fed a lot of content coming from Swift. Another example is her being the musical guest on SNL, an award-winning show that has celebrities come in and perform comedic skits, musical performances, and much more. She gave a heart-wrenching performance of “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault).”

  Taylor’s re-releasings brings back emotions and memories for her longtime fans.