Death of NFL Legend John Madden


Football legend John Madden (pictured above) , died on December 28, 2021 (Source: ClutchPoints)

On December 28, 2021 John Madden, an NFL legend, passed away. Madden was known for many things, such as being an Oakland Raiders head coach, sports broadcaster, and also for the popular football video game, Madden. 


He had spent Christmas of 2021 gathered with family, as they watched a film about his life. The next day, December 26th, John and his wife celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary. Two days later, he passed away at 85 years old. 


Before kickoff at the Raiders game on Sunday, January 10th, candles were lit in memory of John Madden. The Raiders struggled to get a victory, however they did it with the spirit of John guiding them. Just 45 years before, Madden had led the Oakland raiders to a Super Bowl win. Now, the Las Vegas Raiders are headed into the playoffs. 


Although he always said he only wanted to be known for coaching, Madden had a few other talents up his sleeve. A few years after his retirement in 1978, John went on to try broadcasting. He fell in love with it immediately, and he was said to have great timing with his explanations. Not only did he perfectly explain every play, he navigated his time between each play to explain. 


Madden also introduced a new football video game in the year of 1989 known as John Madden Football. This video game has blown up to be one of the most popular games up to date. It is now known by Madden NFL, followed by the year with each new version. 


To say the least, John Madden was a very influential man in many people’s lives. His passing has now triggered memories of so many Raider, Madden, and football fans in general.