Anything Goes With Emma Chamberlain’s Podcast

       In all truth, podcasts have never really been my thing and now that I’m thinking about it, the reason behind that was because I thought they were cringey, which is obviously a very stupid and immature reason. But my thought behind it was always, “How do people stay entertained by the voice of a person or people just talking their days away?”

       Podcasts are the same as music. They’re creative and unique to the singular or group of people. The thought process around the podcast episodes will never be the same and the stories told will always vary. What people love the most about specific podcasts is how they can relate to the spokesperson and what they are saying. If you didn’t resonate at all with the podcast, there would be no reason to be listening to it in the first place.

       Emma Chamberlain is an American influencer whose target audience is mostly Gen Z kids. Her first glimpse at fame was when her Youtube video “We All Owe the Dollar Tree an Apology” went viral in 2017. The video was filled with sarcasm about dollar store items. It now has 4.4M views and her channel has 11.1M subscribers. The influencer also has 14.5M followers on instagram. Not only has Chamberlain continued on with her vlogger days, she has gone on to dip her feet into the fashion industry.

       The continuing audience Chamberlain has acquired feels more connected to the influencer than to many others. Many have even gone to describe her content like viewing or talking to a best friend.  This is because people describe her content to be more relatable and her words to be more sentimental to them. It’s almost as if she can read their mind and tells them exactly what they need to hear at that given moment. 

       This can tap into why her podcast is a big success and has many listeners from around the world. Chamberlain tends to like to talk about really anything on her podcast. 

       Some recent podcast episodes Chamberlain has done revolve around her recurring topic of mental health. Chamberlain has always been very forward and open about her struggles and how she deals with them. It’s a nice refresher to be reminded by anyone to take some time for yourself and this is exactly what Chamberlain tries to suggest to her audience. 

       Her raw and pure reactions are also very intriguing and welcoming. It doesn’t sound scripted or rehearsed a hundred times when she talks. She has  a genuine response toward her discussions and will leave you wanting to hear more about her thoughts.

       When you listen to a podcast, all you have to entertain yourself is the sound of the speaker’s voice. There is no way of telling how their face reactions look or their body language. So, it’s a necessity to have a clear and smoothing voice. 

       Overall, her podcast is my new go to for whenever I need to cure my boredom. One of the many things I have also learned to appreciate about, not just Chamberlain’s podcast but many others, is that it can be used as a substitute for silence. An addition to this is that most people are visual learners instead of auditory learners , so when listening to a podcast, it allows people to include their listening skills.