Activities for Winter Wellness

There’s something about the change of seasons, particularly the transition to frigid winter weather, that can throw your entire routine and perspective off. The cold weather and fewer hours of sunshine make it difficult to maintain enthusiasm and stick to your daily routines. It might put you in a constant state of sadness or grumpiness. 

When your body receives less daylight on a regular basis, you may feel sluggish and gloomy. Because of this, some people are more depressed than normal. Because of the sunset around 5 p.m., you might want to go to bed early or feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. It’s tough to go from long, hot summer days to shorter, colder winter days.

Not to add that cold and flu season coincides with darker days and unpleasant weather. The combination of all of these factors might make you feel down and unmotivated to follow your passions in life. You may feel dispirited, have difficulty focusing, lose interest in things you normally like, or notice changes in your eating and sleep routine.

If you think you have seasonal affective disorder or have been diagnosed, your symptoms may go away by the time spring arrives. However, if you begin implementing some activities into your daily routine throughout the winter, you can begin to regain some sense of wellbeing, despite the seasonal sadness you are experiencing.

Take in as much sunlight as possible. When the body doesn’t get enough sun, the brain creates less happy hormones and melatonin levels rise. The sun is at its brightest between noon and 2 p.m. If it’s too chilly to go for a stroll, opening the curtains in your home or office to allow the light in might provide a nice boost.

Exercise can also be beneficial. Even if you don’t think you’re up to it, you’ll thank yourself once you get started. Aside from the physical benefits, it is extremely beneficial to your physiological health. Thirty minutes of exercise can help the brain by increasing serotonin release. Put on your favorite music, TV show, or podcast and enjoy those thirty minutes! It may truly improve your attitude, and if you’re doing it every day, you’ll have something to look forward to.

During the winter, it’s easy to forget to look after your skin and lips. Self-care has the power to completely improve your mental health. Your mind will feel more confident and at peace with everything if you feel good about yourself. Winter is a difficult season for your skin because of the dry air outside and the moisture-sucking heat indoors. Your skin is begging for some hydration.

Create a self-care regimen that makes you happy. It will make you feel a lot better whether you buy new skincare that works for you or just moisturize your body every day. Look for new lip balms or smells that you like. You could give yourself a face-mask as a treat, a conditioning hair mask, or introduce a new serum into your skincare. Find self-care items that you love to treat dry and chapped lips in the winter. It’s a considerate gift for yourself.

Not only does your skin need moisture, but so does your entire body. Keep yourself hydrated! In the winter, we usually forget that we need eight glasses of water just as much as we do in the summer. If you have a hard time shying away from coffee and caffeinated drinks, try adding a dash of lemon or herbal tea to your water to make it more interesting. Your body and skin will reward you if you stay well hydrated.

Try something new! This is your sign to pick up for something you’ve maybe never tried before, or something you’ve been wanting to try for a while. Whether it’s a new exercise class such as Pilates, Soul Cycle, or Yoga, this is your chance to include something different into your everyday routine. Sometimes we need a push to start something new, it can be a tad bit scary to introduce yourself to things you’ve never done before. However, once you do, new hobbies can really offer a moodlift and you could find yourself really enjoying it! 

Maybe you’re more interested in building some new skills. Creative activities can open your mind and inspire you. Inspiration is a great motivation, especially if you’ve been feeling blue lately. There are so many different things You could learn how to crochet, yarn, dance, or play the guitar in your free time. If you go to a class to learn these skills, it might be fun to change your environment and get out of the house. You might even make some new friends during the process!