Matt Murphy’s confidence is key


Matthew Murphy via Instagram

Matthew Murphy looks on during a Eastern baseball game.

   The Eastern Vikings are set to start the baseball season this month, and senior Matt Murphy feels beyond confident in his team.“We’re the reigning Olympic Conference Champions, but I still feel like we’re underrated,” he said. “I think this team can repeat and challenge for a state title.”

   Murphy has been with the varsity team since his sophomore year, and continues to prove himself not only to his coaches and teammates, but many schools across America as well. The senior is chasing his dreams, even through the pandemic. “My dream was to play baseball in college, [and] I was extremely excited to receive an offer from Chestnut Hill. I toured the college, and I realized it was the perfect fit for me,” he said.

   He received an offer from Chestnut Hill College prior to the 2022 season and plans to major in General Business and Administration.

   Confidence is what makes a baseball player successful, and Matt Murphy is nothing short of confident. This is his first year as the Vikings starting ace, although it feels like he’s been doing it for years. The 2021 season ace Andrew Tofolo had an incredible season, but Murphy has zero doubt in his team this year.

“Tofolo was a big piece of our success last year, but I feel like we have a great team coming into this season that can more than fill those roles,” he said.

   Baseball is more than a game to Murphy. He views his teammates like family, and feels that the connection between the team and coaches contributed to their success in previous years.

   “I feel as though our team mentality and the chemistry contributes well to team success as a whole. Baseball is not an individual sport. If one person isn’t buying into the program, the entire team suffers; however if everyone is buying in, then the team will succeed more when it matters most,” he said. As it is Murphy’s senior year and last year on the Eastern Vikings, he recalled a favorite memory he had with the team.

   “My favorite memory has to be winning the conference last year away against Cherokee, we had to overcome so much adversity,” he said. The 2021 season for the Vikings was almost cut short due to the pandemic, but they prospered, with the team going 14-9 and winning their respected conference title. 

   “It was tough for everyone as we were heading into the season cold, not really practicing together or even playing any scrimmages. It was an emotional rollercoaster the entire season,” he said.

   Matthew Murphy is a baseball player in and out, and there’s no doubt about it. His work ethic he puts toward the game is unmatched, he always keeps his head high, and he stays confident amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic. Murphy is a natural at baseball and it’s clear how he does it—with confidence.

   That is what makes a ballplayer.