The Destruction and Ruin of Hurricane Ian


Giorgio Viera/AFP/Getty Images

Incredible damage in a Fort Myers marina

 Hurricane Ian, measured as a severe category 4, caused horrible and devastating destruction in Florida, as well as other states of the American East such as the Carolinas. The horribly devastating flooding has caused many problems for Floridians as the death toll numbers over 100 people. 

  This Hurricane, sustaining winds as high as 155 mph, caused destruction and destroyed almost everything in its path. This has been one of the worst hurricanes in the history of the United States of America. Hurricane Ian has been the most deadly hurricane since Hurricane Katrina, in 2005. 

  News channels were telling residents of Florida to evacuate immediately. In many parts of Florida, people had no idea that this terrible storm would hit them, so they stayed. Others underestimated the severity of this storm and didn’t realize they should leave. 

  When the flood hit, people were forced to stay home with their children when they didn’t evacuate soon enough. Soon, the option of driving was gone because of the extremity of the storm and people who did not leave before the flooding were forced to stay.

  Because of how intense the rain soon got to be, there were floods reaching the extreme height of 18 feet tall. This caused debris to be scattered and taken by the water, and it caused electrical wires to snap. Terrifying creatures like sharks and alligators came inside of homes and were roaming the water-filled streets. It got so dangerous that emergency services were shut down. 

  For some, the danger made them unable to stay in their homes. Those people were forced to jump from windows. Other people who didn’t think the flood would reach so high went to their attic. Since there are no windows in the attic, they were stuck until the storm passed. This became a huge problem if the water started coming in.

  Those who had time to leave before the storm hit couldn’t come back home for days once they were safe. Anyone still there was caught in this intense storm with no help.  

  Floridians were traumatized by this terrifying event that destroyed where they call home. One  could say that those who evacuated were luckier than some others, but they still lost their homes and memories. Floridians must be crushed to return home and see nothing left of it. 

  Hurricane Ian, one of the worst hurricanes in American history, caused extreme damage and took the lives of many people. The aftermath of this hurricane will take a while to fix. Hurricane Ian has caused devastating destruction and sadness that will continue on for a long time.