Colleen Hoover Flips to the Page of Success


Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover packing orders for one of her hit-books, Heart Bones!

  This year’s fan favorite author, Colleen Hoover, is making history as a young adult fictionist and romance author. At the age of 42, Hoover has released over twenty hit books in her lifetime. Her books supply uplifting romances that make your heart soar, while also providing you with heart wrenching stories and shocking turns of events. These are the kind of books that make people want to read. 

   In the year 2016, Hoover released It Ends With Us. However, the book reached its peak of popularity in 2021 due to viral platform, Tiktok. This book became so popular that in January 2022, it placed first in The New York Times bestseller’s list. Hoover’s most recent book is a sequel to It Ends With Us, called It Starts With Us. When the world found out she was making a sequel to their favorite book they went crazy, giving the book over 2.5 million sales since its recent October 18th release.

   Another one of Hoover’s well adored books is called Verity. A psychological thriller, this book is a uniquely eerie book in Hoover’s collection. Although Hoover went out of her comfort zone in writing this thriller, she still included her romantic expertise, as always. If you’re interested in thrillers, but have a soft spot for romance, Hoover’s book Verity shows another side of her brilliant writing.  

   As an author, Colleen Hoover never fails to amaze her many readers. She worked her way to the top from her first book Slammed, in 2012, to her most recent spinoff, It Starts With Us. She has achieved remarkable achievements, such as reaching The New York Times bestseller’s list and becoming the biggest success in writing in 2022. 


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