Speaking with Steve: Three Cats and a Baby

Eastern’s cutest kittens are back!


@ehsstraycats on Instagram

Slim Shady and Snickers take a cat nap with kittens Mom’s Spaghetti, Stan, and Skittles

   While walking around Eastern, you may see the school’s favorite friendly felines (Steve, Slim Shady, and Snickers)strolling around the Senior Courtyard. These cute kitties bring serotonin to students as they go about their daily routine, and have developed quite the following from the Instagram account @ehsstraycats link here. At the time of this article, it has 218 followers.

   Our favorite felines had been MIA for the past few months, generating fear that the wonderful wildcats at Eastern had been whisked away. However, the Voyager staff is pleased to dispel the rumors and confirm that Steve, Slim Shady, and Snickers are here for another year of feline fun!

   During the last edition of Speaking With Steve, there was an ongoing love triangle between Steve and Slim Shady, and who would claw their way into Snickers’ heart. It turns out that while Eastern students and staff were away over the summer, Slim Shady and Snickers were kitten around and had a litter of kits!

   We are currently unsure as to the kittens’ zodiac signs, personality types, and Hogwarts houses due to animal whisperer Kaitlin Swift being on vacation while the cats were born as well as their young age, but we are pleased to announce the names of Slim Shady and Snickers’ offspring! They decided on the names Mom’s Spaghetti, Stan, and Skittles!

   The stupendous stray cats of Eastern have been enjoying the cool autumn weather, often sitting in the sun and enjoying the lovely breeze. They enjoy laying on beds of mulch and leaves for their daily cat naps.

   Steve is currently loving Taylor Swift’s new album Midnights. His favorite song off the album is “You’re On Your Own Kid.” He said it fits the vibe of his autumn feels and is absolutely purrfect. He’s his own kid, and he always has been. Slim Shady has currently been listening to My Chemical Romance, enjoying its spunkiness and overall angst. Teenagers is his personal favorite song.

   Snickers has been enjoying Sad Girl Autumn, listening to lots of Mitski and Ricky Montgomery. Some personal fall favorites are Goodbye My Danish Sweetheart and Line Without A Hook. 

   Steve, Slim Shady, Snickers, Mom’s Spaghetti, Stan, and Skittles love their fans, but wanted to encourage Eastern students not to attempt to pet the cats. Attempting to pet the friendly felines without first gaining their trust could cause them to lash out, so it’s better to reach out a hand first and let the cat approach first to see if they trust you. Otherwise, it could be cat-astrophic!

   Stray cats like Steve, Slim Shady, Snickers, and the kittens deserve loving homes, so if you find a stray cat in your area and you have the means, take it to a local shelter. Shelters nearby include the AWA and the Voorhees Animal Orphanage.

   The Eastern stray cat stars love answering questions from fans, so if you have any pressing queries for our favorite furry felines, please fill out our Google Form. In our next edition, we will be introducing Eastern’s fourth and fifth stray cats, who finally agreed to interview with Voyager animal whisperer Kaitlin Swift! Thank you for reading our fourth edition of Speaking With Steve!