How a Pizza Box Took Down the Top G

Pizza box used in Tate arrest

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Pizza box used in Tate arrest

   On December 29, the self proclaimed “Top G”, Andrew Tate, was arrested in a police raid in Romania for charges of human trafficking and rape. Andrew’s leech of a brother, Tristan Tate, also faces the same charges of rape and human trafficking.The two responsible for the arrest of these two “alpha male” brothers are a nineteen year old climate activist and a not recycled pizza box. 

   The lead up to the Tate brothers’ arrest began on December 27, when Andrew posted a tweet directed towards Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, who rose to fame when she was just sixteen for challenging world leaders to take immediate action against climate change and was very popularly memed. Andrew’s tweet was a brag about his car collection and the emissions that they release. He ended this tweet by asking Greta, “Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection and their respective enormous emissions.”

   Greta did not let this unprompted insult from the Top G slide. She responded by tweeting back at Andrew a fake email handle that insulted Andrew Tate’s nether regions. This little roast from Greta got an extreme amount of attention and was highly received. Greta’s tweet got 3.9 million likes, putting the tweet on the top 25 most liked tweets on the entire platform, while Andrew’s tweet only received 230,000 likes. 

   It was very clear that Greta had won their little feud by a landslide. Andrew, being the man baby that he is, could not handle that he picked a fight with a teenager and lost. In his meltdown Andrew made a cringy response video to Greta’s insult. Andrew starts this video by smoking on a cigar and brags about the “greenhouse gas” that is being emitted from the cigar. He then asked his assistant off screen for a pizza in a “non recycled” box. This was meant to be a jab at Greta and show how Andrew has broken out of the matrix because he doesn’t recycle, but if Andrew wasn’t so simple minded he would know that pizza boxes cannot be recycled because dirty boxes aren’t recyclable. 

   The box in the video belongs to a pizza chain only in Romania, known as Jerry’s Pizza. Seeing the Jerry’s Pizza box in Tate’s video confirmed to the authorities that he was in Romania. The Romanian police had a warrant for his arrest, so knowing that he was in Romania they tracked down the Tates’ location and conducted a raid of his home, arresting both Andrew and Tristan and the two others in his human trafficking group. 

   Andrew’s arrest was recorded and posted online. This video quickly went viral. After Andrew was released on bail he tweeted out, “The matrix sent its agents.” I guess to Andrew, facing felony charges and being threatened with multiple years of prison is just the matrix trying to contain him.

   Andrew was released for a day on bail, but the Romanian authorities feared that the Tates would flee the nation; they ordered the two be detained for thirty days as they await their trial. Not only were the Tate brothers detained for thirty days, part of their extensive car collection, which caused this whole issue, was seized. The Romanian authorities seized eleven cars, including Andrew’s famous Bugatti. 

   This isn’t Andrew’s first experience with human trafficking and sexual assault allegations. In fact, the first time Andrew was accused of of such things dates all the way back to 2015 when Andrew was arrested in the UK for suspsion of rape. Andrew Tate faced similar charges less than a year ago, which he played off as him just getting “swatted.” After each allegation the Tate brother only seemed to grow in popularity, but perhaps third times the charm.