Invasion by Royal Farms in the area threatens Wawa’s dominance


Wawa’s dominance in South Jersey is being challenged by the rise of Royal Farms in the area. New stores are being constructed in areas where Wawa is the go-to convenience store.

   Royal Farms started popping up in New Jersey in 2017 when the first construction of a Royal Farms store began in Belmawr. Since then, numerous new stores have opened up in the area and there are new ones being constructed, as close as Mount Laurel and on Route 561 in Voorhees.

   Royal Farms is a Baltimore-based convenience store similar to Wawa that may pose a threat to Wawa’s dominance. Royal Farms is best known for their fried chicken, something not offered at Wawa. Among other foods and drinks it offers coffee, hoagies (they say “subs”), prepared foods, baked goods, and more. Both being 24-hour convenience stores that double as gas stations, the competition is intense.

   Many loyal Wawa fans are not happy with the increased presence of Royal Farms in the area. One junior, Antigone Antonakakis is upset by the invasion. She said she will only go to Wawa, despite Royal Farm’s new convenient location on 561.

   “Wawa always has my heart” she continued, “I don’t think anything could replace Wawa. It has created a brand in South Jersey and I couldn’t imagine not getting a $5 hoagie.”

   Despite Wawa’s popularity in South Jersey, not everyone is loyal. Some people prefer the convenience and other food options that Royal Farms offers. Junior Sam Night, supports the expansion of Royal Farms in the area, but still sees herself sticking to Wawa for personal purchases.

   “Using the old municipal building to build a Royal Farms is a useful tract of the land because it adds diversity to the influx of Wawas in the area and creates more jobs for teens. It’s in close proximity to my house and it beats working at McDonalds,” she continued, “but I still see myself sticking to Wawa.”

   It is unknown if Royal Farms will do well in Voorhees but one thing is certain: people love Wawa and are loyal. The opening of new stores in the area will serve as a test to South Jerseyans of their loyalty to Wawa.