Not much new in the fashion department for winter 2019

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Fashion designers everywhere have failed us.

   Okay, maybe that statement is a little dramatic, but based on the runway looks for 2019 nothing stands out as a must have for this winter.

   Typically, there is a dramatic piece that stands out and takes over the stores, like over the knee boots or off the shoulder tops, but nothing has the same effect this time around. The same thing can be said for mens fashion, nothing really has changed.

    “There was really nothing that I was like, woah I haven’t seen that before,” said Mrs. Heyers, the Fashion teacher.

   Over the past few years mens shirts have been slowly evolving to a more tailored look. There is a sewing technique called the dart, which takes your clothes in and Mrs. Heyers mentioned how this is becoming more popular in mens button down shirts.

   There are more of these patterns that seem to be staying consistent from year to year on the runways. Mrs. Heyers said that jeans are on a constant cycle and they are making their way back to being looser and having less of a slim fit.

    “They were really skinny for a while and now oversized pants are coming back,” said Mrs. Heyers.

   Also, boots have stayed pretty consistent over the past couple of years, with white boots being in style now.

   Mrs. Heyers also mentioned that 80s fashion has been in for so long and now we are transitioning into more of the 90s. Big brand names such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger plastered on t-shirts and sweatshirts is making its way back into stores.

   “That was really big in the 90s,” said Mrs. Heyers.

   Getting back to the runway shows, this winter trends include layers, leopard print, sheepskin, and padded jackets. But as mentioned earlier, nothing surprisingly  new.

   One trend that is trickling down from the runway shows to “street fashion” is sheepskin coats. Mrs. Heyers said, “For a while, just the collar or top of your shoe was sheepskin.” Now its whole jackets and the wool is on the outside, not inside liner of the jacket.”

    “Fashion 2 students have to make a jacket and three of them are doing sheepskin,” said Mrs. Heyers.

   Although nothing major may be new off the runways, what is evolving in the fashion world is how brands are marketing their clothes.

    According to Business Insider, YouTube is the top free iPhone app in the App Store and was downloaded about 35.3 million times in 2018. Now, it’s the newest marketing method for fashion. Just like how people want to dress like their favorite celebrities; people want to dress just like their favorite YouTubers. James Charles, a makeup YouTuber, teamed up with the company Morphe and created a palate that sold out internationally in less than one day and had the brands highest sales day in history.

    Other brands are taking advantage of the growing fame of YouTubers and creating lines with them to increase their popularity. A few examples are Emma Chamberlain’s collection with the shopping app Dote and Olivia Jade’s collection with Princess Polly.

    Overall, not much has changed in terms of what people are wearing on the streets, but who knows, the 2019 spring trends.