Wentz vs. Foles: This debate isn’t even close


The Eagles will see big change before stepping on the field in 2020.

 This offseason, the Eagles have a decision to make, but really, their shouldn’t be a decision at all.

  Last year quarterback Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL in a week 13 game against the Rams. Before that injury, Wentz was having an MVP season, leading the team to a 11-2 record with 33 touchdowns. 3,296 passing yards and only 7 interceptions.

  So, when he got injured, people’s hopes for a great Eagles season diminished.

 That was when Nick Foles came in. The former Eagle, Ram, and Chief finished out that Rams game with a win and the Eagles clinched the playoffs.

 Foles ended up leading the team to the playoffs. He played an amazing NFC Conference game and the Super Bowl, and brought the Eagles their first Super Bowl title. A huge part of that Super Bowl run was of course Carson Wentz’s MVP play to get them there.

Even Foles knew that once Wentz came back, it was Carson’s team. And once Wentz was healthy, he took over the starting quarterback job back this year. And again, Wentz got hurt, this time breaking his vertebrae. Foles took over the team and won the last 3 games of the season for the Eagles (making them 9-7), and driving them to yet another playoff run.

 The Eagles won against the Bears in this year’s Wild Card round, with a huge last minute touchdown from Foles. In the next game against the Saints in the Divisional Round, Foles started off hot but struggled as the game went on and the Eagles lost 20-14.

And when the game ended, the debate between Wentz and Foles ended as well.

If, Nick Foles had gotten the Eagles to the Super Bowl again, he would most likely have gotten the starting job next year. Since he lost in the second round of the playoffs, those hopes are gone.

 Wentz will and should be the Eagles QB at the start of the 2019-2020 season.

 Foles has done so much for this Eagles franchise with his 27 touchdown and 2 interceptions season in 2012 and of course, Super Bowl LII most valuable player, but he’s reached the last year of his two year contract worth 20 million. The Eagles can’t afford to keep both Wentz and Foles, so sadly, Foles needs to go if the Eagles want to maintain their salary cap.

 Even besides the money, Carson Wentz is just the better quarterback. Wentz is a more mobile quarterback. While Foles would rather pass the ball, Wentz has the guts to run and dive for the first down.

 While he is the most experienced QB, Foles is more prototypical. He takes what the defense gives him. Wentz likes to create plays himself. Also, defenses won’t always know what Wentz will do with the football, since he moves freely around the pocket.  Foles doesn’t give defenses this thought since he doesn’t move with the ball very much.

 Consistency is key for a quarterback and Foles isn’t always consistent. He could either have an amazing game (like last year’s playoffs) or he could have a bad game. You can’t be sure what game you will see from Foles. When Wentz is fully healthy, you know he has the potential to have great games every week.

 Finally, Wentz is the younger QB (age 26) who still hasn’t entered his prime. You can argue that Foles, who turns 30 this month, is nearing the end of his prime. Wentz has the better future and has the potential to have five Super Bowl rings (even with the one he has now). I believe that Foles is a one and done type player.

 Rumors are that Foles could go to a team that needs a quarterback like the Giants, Redskins, Jaguars, and Broncos.

 Moving forward, Wentz is the better quarterback for the future of the Eagles and there should be no question about it.