Should everyone be allowed to have a platform on social media?

Talking about politics online is dangerous territory. Conversations never seems to turn into actual debates, but much rather a feud that will last in the comment section for days. A prime example of this type of environment would be Kaitlin Bennett’s YouTube channel, Liberty Hangout. 

Her channel has almost 400,000 subscribers but caused a lot of controversy on social media. She goes to Kent State and rallies on campus, then posts the reactions and commentary to YouTube. She also slanders feminism, rape victims, and Democrats. 

Kaitlin likes to refer to Democrat’s as “violent leftists” on a regular basis, and quite frequently to their faces. When in reality, she comes across as quite violent— and not because she’s the one who carries a gun. 

If you go to her Twitter, she posts videos to her account often. You can see a video of her at a Trump rally and footage of her harassing the protestors. Not exactly “asking questions” like her video description implies.

One video that received a lot of attention was when Kaitlin went up to a woman protesting against abortion and announced, “she’s going to eat it!”

The woman is heavier, which is not a problem, but Kaitlin thought this remark would be appropriate. When the woman confronts Kaitlin, she responds to the woman with “you know I carry, right?”

This just proves that this Youtuber continuously goes after people who are protesting without causing problems, instigating fights, then threatens with a gun. Peaceful protestors are suddenly violent leftists.

Another horrific thing about this “influencer” is that she does not believe in feminism. Of course you are allowed to believe in whatever you want, but this doesn’t allow you to attack others who support a different cause. 

In one tweet, she states something along the lines of “feminism didn’t give us the right to vote, men did.” It is quite sad to see women especially with that mentality, and then given a platform to share that message. Feminism is the reason you, as a woman, have the right to carry a weapon. Women 

 This isn’t even mentioning her “jokes” about rape, or slanding rape victims. It’s too appalling to even think about.

Granted, I don’t believe people should be sending her as many death threats as there are floating around her social media comments. I don’t think it’s right for people to DM her nasty comments, that just puts more fuel to her fire. Perhaps this is all just to get attention to her channel, and in that case it definitely is working.

The only thing people can do in this situation is to vote for whatever you believe (whether that be with what she agrees with or doesnt). That’s the only way to prove her wrong in a way, but who knows, she might never stop.