Unity be damned

Over the past few weeks, it has been great to see citizens rally around their fellow Americans who are struggling. People have flocked to Twitter to help raise funds for those who need it and countless people have volunteered to do grocery store runs for the most at risk demographic, elderly people. It has been great to see.

  But in no way will this crisis mend the political divide. We are already seeing Republicans and Democrats struggling to negotiate a relief bill. Republicans want the money to be more focused on businesses and corporations, while Democrats want the money to go directly to the citizens. As of Monday morning the bill had not passed.

  And then there is the President. Just like it has been for the past three years, you either like the guy or you don’t. And just like every other major issue he has been involved with, both sides have dug into their positions.

  Many, including myself, think he has been an embarrassment throughout this crisis. First, he severely downplayed the virus at first. He has on a daily basis lied to the American people about the severity of the virus and has installed a false hope into some people. He day after day says supplies and tests are being sent to states, only to see endless pleas for help from state governors and healthcare workers. Not to mention, that when he speaks, the stock market usually falls and his advisors and experts usually end up contradicting what he has to say.

  Not many trust what he is saying.

  Then there is his demeanor. How does he carry himself in times of crisis? He calls reporters asking a question that gives the President the chance to comfort Americans, “a terrible reporter who is sensationalizing the virus.” He routinely goes on rants against the media calling various media outlets nicknames like “MSDNC”, “Fake News Network”, and “Concast”. One of the core principles of the United States is freedom of the press, and the face of that principle in a time of crisis is using national address to bash media reporting on the crisis.

  Last, there is his new name of the virus. Instead of calling it “Coronavirus” or “Covid-19” like everyone has been calling it for months. He goes out of his way to call it the “Chinese Virus”. When pressed about why he calls it this, he simply said “because it originated in China”. He is correct about that, but why is it necessary to call it that. Reports have said that this has led to more hatred towards Chinese people.

  Unity be damned. Even while some of the country is coming together to help one another, the leaders of this country are not united. The congress isn’t right now, although they’re more united then usual. And the President sure isn’t uniting the country.

  There are too many defenders and detractors of both this administration and the virus itself for the country to be fully united.