Where to look for motivation

 In all seriousness, the world has changed and so has the meaning and search for motivation.

If motivation is what you seek, well… good luck I’m still looking for it.

   But don’t fret, I’ve found it once before and I’ll help on your scrupulous journey to finding it! Here’s some clues that may help your search!

   These days Motivation just comes and goes like an episode of your favorite show. Motivation is also known to cleverly hide behind objects like “health” and “hygiene.”

   Most theories speculate that its favorite habitat resides in homework, but we don’t know that for sure so don’t focus solely on it. Places of maximum comfort are more than likely to dissuade Motivation so you might have to get off the couch for this one.

   Motivation is also known to have been in close contact with Sanity. So don’t be surprised when you receive a few phone calls from your imaginary friends.

   Once you successfully catch Motivation, you’ve already made it past the hardest part! However, you must prepare yourself for a difficult conversation…To work or not to work? 

   I suggest mentally listing the pros and cons. But since you most likely don’t have much time it’s best to use the first thing that comes into your head to expedite the process. For example: “Work now? Nope. Just nope. Maybe later though…?” This kind of thinking is the SOLUTIONtonevergettinganyworkdone. 

   Set a time! that way when you do work at 11: 59 at night, you’re working at maximum efficiency! Don’t concern yourself with phrases like “You should do this now” if you’re just going to watch tv anyway, watch tv until you’re bored. It might not happen within the next few hours but it’s bound to happen eventually.

   Now, the most important part: make a decision! You must remind yourself of the Marvel movie-like journey to find Motivation, and compare that journey to other difficult events like getting robbed or learning to bake banana bread in quarantine. 

   As I like to say, “Motivation is harder to find than making peace with that fact that the world is going insane; and part of the solution is staying inside stuck within your own room where the biggest problem is not the worry of a deadly disease, but how much your sanity can withstand your family.” It usually helps!

   Before you go eagerly searching, I probably should’ve told you some side effects of not finding Motivation: being stuck in your room forced to ponder and daydream perpetually; a small heart attack along with a slight existential crisis; also, the sudden need to binge tv or play games. 

   Also, there are different forms of Motivation so be sure to watch out for its most popular forms: “Fake Motivation,” “No Motivation,” and “__:__ at night Motivation.”

   But! Don’t worry! You have all the free time you need, now that everyone is in quarantine, so feel free to use any excuse to calm down and refocus your mind as stress–another side effect unfortunately–starts to hit you like a wave, then WHAM a full on slap of reality. 

   In all seriousness, the world has changed and so has the meaning and search for motivation. No matter where your motivation comes from, it’s important to find your own schedule that works; but you should know that the best form of motivation comes from within you. Finding motivation is harder than ever, so don’t hesitate to reach out to loved ones and friends to give them a boost! (and hope they give you one as well!) We need people to remind us that we’re not alone in this.