Pro: Social media should have control over their users

  After then president Donald Trump got banned off social media for his actions in infighting the violence at the US Capitol Building, there was an uproar on the Republicans side.

  The Republicans argued that these social media platforms like Twittter, Facebook, and more were censoring Trump and getting in the way of his right for freedom of speech.

  However, these social media platforms didn’t necessarily say the exact the exact reason for Trump’s banning. Twitter had said that Trump violated their code of conduct which led to his ban. One could argue that Trump violated Twitter’s code of conduct long ago but, hey, better late than never.

  It seemed fair that since Trump violated the codes of conduct on these platforms that he should be banned. No one should be given more privileges on social media, not even the president of the United States.

  Even still, many people took to the defense of Trump.

  The question is: Can socia media platforms have control over their users and be able to suspend them if they have proven to spread hate around? My answer is, yes.

  Social media is one of the greatest babies of the technology age. It allows you to connect with friends and family, showcase your life, and meet new people.

  However, some people use social media for much eviler purposes.

  There have been cases where people have organized death plots, spread racist and hate propaganda, and share inappropiate pictures andd information like pornography.

  If those cases or even worse situations occur, socia media should have every right to give out consequences like a suspension or even police referral.

  Not only do these occurrences look bad for the social media site, they are dangerous, despicable, and detrimental to other users of their site and the outside world.

  To have the president of the United States incite hate and violence for years looks incredibly bad for the country. If social media platforms can get in the way of country’s reputation being hurt, then it only helps everyone.