My Inauguration Poem

Mirabella Gibson

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If Only
May 5, 2021

Mirabella Gibson on

But just know/To make a change /Worrying ends today/And wanting starts now

All I ever wanted was a system of justice and equality

With soarers from across the world 

Who never have to worry about being deported

Or past resolved mistakes 


All I ever wanted was a system of justice and equality

To which those who wish to speak would climb their own defeats

And come forward to spread the good cheers of one united country


All I ever wanted was a system of justice and equality 

Where King’s words of little black boys and girls would meet with their worlds of other nations

And hug in joyful laughs and cheers

On the grounds of slave masters and large cotton fields

Rejoicing a day of recognition to how far we’ve come


All I ever wanted was a system of justice and equality

Where little children born innocent to a forgotten father would never have to get shot by passing cars,

Or fallen movie stars

And even the falsely accused 

Will be brought up by bundles of joy

Surrounded by those who matter most


All I ever wanted was to never worry about a pandemic that arouses the worst in my body

Thoughts of depression and anxiety 

By the single touch of a positive carrier

Shackling me to a restricted bed

My life being supported by one tank of gas


But you see this gas represents a change

The change to do good

That certain change that everyone inhales

When the optimistic face the pessimistic in times of trouble


One nation

Under God

Built upon breathers of life-changing oxygen

In pursuits of a described form of happiness


Mom always reminds me how God puts us through some troubling times

To see the sunrise every morning


Someone once said weeping may endure for a night

But joy will in fact come in the morning


America, open your eyes to see the beautiful sun on this Inauguration day

Where a cabinet full of intelligent intellectuals represents every story imaginable


I know it can get hard sometimes

To step over the pile of fallen pieces of glass


But just know

To make a change 

Worrying ends today

And wanting starts now