Pandemic vs Class President

Pandemic: 0, Class President: 1. 

Mirabella Gibson

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If Only
May 5, 2021

Mirabella Gibson on

With leadership came many struggles; the more extensive the coronavirus became, the more I had to limit my plans for my class.

     “Congratulations, Mirabella, we can’t wait to see you grow as our new class president!” 

     These were the words that rang through my head throughout the cold, September month. Reposts, text messages, and heartfelt messages of the voters for my presidency filled my phone, along with numerous family phone calls: “Did she win?”

     The day of my win was random; I came out of my favorite department store screaming with excitement over my new leadership. But, with leadership came many struggles; the more extensive the coronavirus became, the more I had to limit my plans for my class.

     Making sure to propose ideas through a campaign is mandatory and pretty essential. Your followers need to understand how you will face everyday issues with progress. I make sure to stand with students dealing with anxiety, negotiate with superintendents of the school, and create optimistic ways for my freshman class to feel happier during a pandemic. So far, so good with my stances, but COVID-19 feels like a restricted box that I can never escape out of at the end of the day. 

     All of my ideas have to be based around the new rule of thumb: wear a mask, stay 6-feet apart from others, and always sanitize. In the past, there have been events such as Spirit Week that encourage team participation and close contact with others through collaboration. As of May 2021, my collaboration now is all over Zoom. 

     Preparing activities to be approved by a secondhand is difficult; everyone in my cabinet has to agree. You have to make sure every detail is on point. The most difficult but important step is the approval of my advisers. Going through these steps matters the most, especially before announcing it to hundreds of students.

     To broadcast my presidency, I make segments dedicated to motivation called “Motivational Mondays” where I give my best-intended advice on how to get through a busy week. I often have to remind myself to use my own advice. Pushing through a week at home is stressful!

     But, the hard work put into the motivation for my classmates pays off in the end. Learning that others can value off of a simple gesture or reminder through social media, especially during a very depressing time, is the motivation I look forward to every week.

  Many presidents use the leadership opportunity just because it’s something to put on a resume, or something to brag about to others instead of having the ability to collaborate with others. I avoid this thought in my mind at all costs. Doing the job for a summary on a piece of paper is pointless to me. 

  Although there are many challenges I face directing my freshmen class daily, I would perform the job all over again. A pandemic cannot stop me from planning. Pandemic: 0, Class President: 1.