Eastern Boys Volleyball 2022

   With a 19-4 red hot season last year, Eastern’s volleyball team is looking to send shockwaves throughout New Jersey this season. 

   So far, they are off to a great 12-3 start as of May 6th. The previous season, they took the Olympic Conference victory over Cherry Hill East by three games. They started off slower with a 2-2 record, but three of those four games were away games. 

   The volleyball team gets hot very easily as it’s shown in the last few years. Last season, they ended 19-4 and went on three different four-game win streaks throughout the season. Whenever they lost a game, it seemed a guarantee that they were going to win the next four. All four of their losses last season were on the road, but when they are at home, you are almost certain that they’ll come out on top. Another incredible stat the team achieved last season — they outscored all of their opponents at home 22-2. 

   If this year’s volleyball team doesn’t get it right, it might be time to look for answers. More than half of the team’s players are seniors; Dipam Patel, Dhruv Patel, Dhruv K. Patel, Pawandeep Singh, and Aadan Plank are all currently playing their final season with Eastern. So, with them gone next season, you’re going to be asking a lot out of players like Cain Joynes, William Noh, Satkirt Singh, and Akash Kundu. Dhruv Patel is currently leading the team in assists with 86, and Cain Joynes is second with 26 assists.

    Here’s what Cain Joynes had to say about the team’s slow start through the first few games. “We came into this season with high expectations, and we still plan to meet them. However, early in the season, we’ve fallen behind a bit. I don’t feel like there’s anything that we can’t overcome. A bounce back win against Cherry Hill West was a reset button for us, and we look to play better, and more consistently, going forward. I wouldn’t say there’s any added pressure. I know what Coach Armour expects of me and the guys around me. We can’t let any of the outside noise into what we know we can accomplish. I’m definitely looking forward to the challenge of next year. I’ll be a returning player, and my role will expand. Coach Armour will expect my best, and I plan on giving him, and the team, nothing less than that. I want to become a better leader. Taking on a heavy load as a junior has made me realize that I’m capable, skill wise. However, I have to be able to keep a level head. The team looks to me for high energy, so if I don’t bring it, we all suffer from it,” he said.

   Joynes is leading the juniors in all statistics except for digs with 30 kills, 6 blocks, and 26 assists.

   Pawandeep Singh had this to say about the slow start, and what part of his game he’s trying to improve. “More chemistry is needed, as all the seniors from last year have graduated, and we are building from a lot less than what we had last year, in terms of manpower. The main part of my game that I’m trying to improve is my serve, while pressure pushes me to be a better leader.” 

   Pawandeep is the team leader in kills with 95. He is also the team leader in blocks with 42 along with eight digs on the season so far. Since April 12th, the volleyball team has gone on a massive ten-game win streak, outscoring all of their opponents 20-3. They are now 12-3, and are 6-0 against teams in the division, with their mid-season run that puts them in first place in the Olympic Conference. The season has four games remaining, and it will be exciting to see how this promising season will come to an end.