Tips to decide a major

 Not only do people change their majors, but in some cases even after graduating some don’t stay in the same career field. 


Rutgers University has 157 majors. With any college, investigate and research and find out what may best suit your talents and interests.

“What is your intended major?” a question that seems simple, but when approached on college applications seems to interrupt any senior’s mindset. 

    Some applicants are confident in their decision to check off “accounting” or “chemistry.” Where others just simply don’t know what they want to do for the rest of their life, which is completely fine. 

    Our whole lives we have been asked some variation of “what do you want to be when you’re older?” It isn’t until we reach highschool that we realize how soon we have to decide.

    It is an important question to ask because a career plays a huge role in choosing a college. Some colleges specialize in major programs they are known for, where others have almost every major you could think of.

   There are a number of factors that influence how one may pick their major, and at seventeen or eighteen years old we may not have enough experience to narrow our path to one career in mind.

   Obviously it is very important to involve your own interests in your decision. Picking a major that genuinely interests you, will not only allow you to pursue something you love but will also motivate you to complete coursework

   For some, income potential may play a role on the major they pick. But it is also important to still incorporate your own interests into a career when taking into account income.

   Pick an area that you are confident in, don’t necessarily pick what you are the best at but a major that aligns with your goals. If you have had trouble with math in high school, math might not be the major for you. In some cases what we love to study may not be what we pursue in a career.

   When considering a major, considering the future prospects of employment is also significant. Will you be able to find a job after college? Will it be difficult? Consider what you will learn and the potential jobs you could have.

   If after everything, you still are unsure about a major, going into school undecided is always an option. It is ok to go into college undecided, it is even ok to go in decided and change your mind. 

   At seventeen and eighteen years old it is ok to not have our lives completely mapped out. 

   In the fall I’ll be attending the University of Pittsburgh, undecided. Although I do have some ideas for a career path I’m comfortable entering college undecided.  

   Oftentimes, people see going into college undecided as “having no plan.” But many go into college with a decided  major and quickly find themselves changing their minds.

   Not only do people change their majors, but in some cases even after graduating some don’t stay in the same career field. 

   Going into school undecided allows someone to explore different majors, while not completely dedicating themselves to one. We can’t predict the possibilities that we will face in the future, so it is important to keep an open mind.

   With new opportunities comes new achievements and paths. So when it comes time to choose a major, think about your own interests and keep an open mind.