Welcoming a new family to the White House


(Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times )

Captured by the LA Times, the picture shows the new presidential family happy and waving.

There were so many good moments at the inauguration this year and I’m so happy I was able to witness all of it. Amy Klobuchar gave such a heartfelt speech full of enthusiasm and smiles, as others were shown on television in their best outfits for the special day. Dr. Biden arrived in a beautiful pale, teal dress that matched her coat, mask, and heels. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both looked so happy and proud of themselves, the happiness beaming from both of them was seriously contagious. I found myself smiling at the TV screen from all the joy beaming from everyone’s faces. Everyone on stage looked absolutely beautiful, I especially loved seeing all the extended family attend and the outfits worn. Seeing so many people there for both of them really shows you how other people view them, and from the looks of it, a lot of people want the best for them.

Viewers were able to see the Obamas, the Clintons, and even the Bushes arrived showing their love and support to both the families. Not only did these prior presidents and their families attend, but Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga showed their appreciation by performing classic, American songs. Jennifer Lopez really caused positive attention because of the hint of Spanish she added to the song, people all around the country really felt included because of this. A real standout moment of the day was the young poet, Amanda Gorman, delivering her beautiful poetry to the crowd. I felt mesmerized watching her talk, I can only imagine the things she’s going to accomplish with a voice like that. It was absolutely wonderful, so inspiring and refreshing to see a woman her age showing so much power.  

However, the moment that truly warmed me the most was something small and special. It’s a small detail that I caught on television, but it’s something hard to forget. After Joe Biden took his Oath with the bible and everyone watched his family happily cluster around him, I noticed how kindly Dr. Jill Biden hugged her husband as if no one else was watching them. This is the first time in awhile people have seen genuine and pure affection between two partners in front of the country. During the entire inauguration, so much love was shared between families and friends and it really overpowered the entire event. Ashley and Hunter were both seen hugging and kissing their dad, grandchildren were cheering, and everyone was just so happy to see this moment finally come alive. 

It makes my heart and mind feel good to see something like this happen, such a warm and natural celebration that wasn’t forced or scripted in any type of way. I can even say I feel amazement watching and I can just tell how intelligent and ready for work they are. I think it’s extremely important to remember that Jill Biden should be called by her correct name, Doctor Biden. We shouldn’t ignore the fact she did her Ph.D, she is an expert and should be addressed as one. Her students have been calling her Doctor for years, as should we. Our country should respect her and the hard work she put into her education, and respect a woman’s work. It’s admirable to see a woman work so hard and earn a title as she has. 

Although things are far from perfect in our country, this is just the beginning of hopefully a good year and term. It’s nice to see some sort of happiness and wholesomeness associated with politics rather than all the destruction lately. For the first time in awhile, I felt content being on social media and reading about the Inauguration. Surprisingly, I didn’t see as much hatred as I expected. Instead, I was pleased to see tons of Bernie Sanders love and pictures of all the stylish and high end shoes people were wearing. I haven’t been able to live through many historical moments in my lifetime, however, I can say that I’ve lived through quite a few important ones this past year. This inauguration and presidency is a historical moment that I’m honored to live through and watch unfold.