Freshman Mirabella Gibson, a student aiming to follow her dreams

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Photo supplied by Mirabella Gibson

Mirabella was interviewed as part of our personality profile sketches for The Voyager

Mirabella Gibson would describe herself as “boring” (alongside crazy and kind), but an interview revealed the freshman class president to be anything but. She acknowledged that school this year has been tough, especially with an all-honors class workload (something that the freshman wishes she could go back to early childhood to avoid), leading her to do “something not related to school, probably watching Netflix or scrolling through Tiktok” when given a 25th hour of the day. 

 Gibson aspires to “get to a state of total happiness and to find someone I could be compatible with, as well as just following my dreams”, and couldn’t live without her “basic understanding and knowledge of topics” (something ever so important in today’s world). When not working hard at school, Gibson enjoys “practicing my roller skating skills, going on Tiktok or Netflix, and spending time with my family.”

 She’s someone who definitely is working out on mapping her future out; when she grows older she wants to live in New York and get a decent college education. Gibson is also idealistic; if she was given the ability to grant people one wish, it would be world peace to “stop all political arguments and arguments all together since they can create big problems in the world.” 

 However, she also just longs to do what she wants and would want to be invisible as a superpower in order to do so. Even if she did something like win the lottery, she’d do with the money what she wanted to, and that would be to “save it,” showing her to be an incredibly sensible person. 

 Finally, when asked what was the best advice she was given, she said “just don’t screw up.” And while many are scared of failure (including Gibson herself; “All my life I’ve been taught that the best is correct and failure is bad”), Mirabella Gibson is far from screwing things up and is quite clearly on the path to better things.