With big dreams in mind, journalism student Ethan Mack values hard work while living his life to the fullest

Personality Profile

Ethan Mack describes his life in three short words.

  “Mystifying, monotonous, captivating.”

  With dreams of becoming a renowned sports writer and hosting a radio show, Mack is getting his start as a journalism student. He said, “I’m expecting to get results for working hard. Whether it has to do with working out or giving 110% for my job, I expect to receive some type of compensation.”

  His future career is very important to him. He said, “If there’s a choice between relationship and career, I would pick a career.” He continued, providing an explanation: “To be honest, relationships come and go, but careers are important. You get paid for working and it’s the culmination of the hard work in school.”

  Mack describes himself as tolerant, eccentric, and patient. He explained that his life purpose is to live life to the fullest. He said his biggest fear is “being an old person and reflecting upon [his] life with disappointment, regret, and sadness.”

  Reflecting upon his life thus far, Mack recalled a moment that changed his life: his Bar Mitzvah. He explained that it was this event that brought him closer to his Jewish roots. He said, “I truly discovered my Jewish identity and I felt proud to be Jewish for the first time in my life.” 

  He then went back to his idea about getting results for working hard: “My hard work and practice paid off,” he explained, “and I wanted to learn more about my Jewish self—which I ended up doing.”

  Given his strong feelings about working hard and living his life to the fullest, he thought about what he would most regret if his life were to end today. He said, “If I were to die right now, I would regret that I didn’t give 100% effort for everything.”