What Makes A Man or Women Classy?

Is that important and something you aspire to?

Knile Kerrin

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Although being classy can be having a nice outfit or the proper attire for an event, there is more behind that statement and is also how someone holds standards to themselves.

Although many people believe it, all women don’t have to have the same personality to be classy. Even men. Being classy does not quite require a perfect personality or even a specific attitude, it rather requires a level of decency and respect for oneself. To be classy, you must hold yourself to the utmost standard and act with confidence and grace. Many men look for classiness in their possible mate and compete for that person because it can be a rare edition of what they’re looking for.

Being that many women also would be competing for their ideal “classic man”, the one that draws their attention should and most likely will respect the one he is with. A classic will never look in a different direction and will always be devoted to her to the fullest. In addition to never taking his eyes off of her, he will never commit adultery or patronize any form of it.

When classy is first stated to someone, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is the way a “classy” woman or man would dress. They are usually stylish and elegant with dignity but still are conscious of how they look and appear to others. They could be flashy in a sense, but modest to calm down the tone. A classy man is a true gentleman who is considerate to the people around him. This especially includes respecting women, which is usually enforced through the way he was brought up.


Classy women exemplify these same qualities but have other standards they are required to hold as well. Simple qualities are things such as displaying good manners, using pleasant phrases, upright posture, and proper etiquette. No matter how tempting a situation may look, staying positive, and behaving effortlessly presents one who simply embodies classiness. Not letting your emotions get the best of you is a very classy thing to accomplish. Another “ladylike” or “classy” thing to refrain from is using profanity, or foul language — especially in a professional environment or around young children. Many people may not think of this when hearing the characteristics of a classy woman, but keeping an open mind to new things and adaptations is a rather large task to avoid adhering to.

The biggest importance of being classy as a female is an appearance you make to people. Although you should not care what people think, this is one of the largest factors a woman should consider. When you see someone, the first thing you base them on is their appearance, of course. Appearance is everything — certainly, a thing a woman should keep up with is not wearing gaudy and revealing clothing, yet instead of staying tidy and wearing all your clothing is a respective way. Now, this does not necessarily mean you must dress like a nun, but there are boundaries to what a classy woman should limit herself to. Showing a little skin doesn’t take away from one’s character.

Personality is also an important part in acting as a classy person. I was raised to become a classy young woman because there are morals and values that need to be present in the journey into adulthood. Being classy can be the determining characteristic that will make or break the opportunity of getting or losing a job opportunity.

However, it is ok that not all people hold the trait of classiness. Being classy isn’t for everyone or even a part of all people’s personalities; it is good to at least be able to turn it on and


off at moments when necessary. Examples are people going to an interview, one is wearing business casual outfits that are tidy and respectful, while there are others that show up in a tee-shirt with jeans and late for the interview. Sample one will most likely get the job over sample two because of that very small factor which is being classy when necessary.