Open Letter to Santa Claus

Are you discriminating against the Jewish people? What’s up?


Those of different faiths are growing frustrated with your lack compliance to their wishes for presents.

Hello, it’s me again.

I’m growing frustrated with your lack of compliance to my wishes. I received your response to my Christmas list last year, and I must express my disappointment. Not only did I not receive a single gift from my list, I did not appreciate your reasoning as to why I was overlooked.

You see, the fact that I’m Jewish should not stand in the way of my Christmas spirit. The rest of my classmates receive presents from you, and I do not understand why I should be any different.

Chanukah is great and all, and Bubbe makes the best latkes.

However, I can’t help but wish to be a part of the Christmas festivities. If you won’t bring me presents is solely because I’m Jewish, I would hate to assume that the great Santa Claus is Anti-semitic.

Are you discriminating against the Jewish population? What’s up with that? If I don’t receive a Christmas present this year, I might have to spread the word that you don’t like Jewish people.

Sincerely, Jenny Goldberg
For your “nice list” consideration