Open Letter to the American Schooling System

I am writing to express my anger at how schools nationwide do not take situations in schools seriously just because they don’t want a bad reputation. A bunch of schools tend to avoid the topic of Driscrimation and Oppression.  

Schools can be difficult environments for students, regardless of their Sexual Orientation, Race, or Gender identity. However, schools are often unwelcoming POC (People of Color) and LGBTQ+ Community. There are lack of policies in schools that support; which means that students continue to face Bullying, Rejection, Discrimination, Oppression, putting students mental health at risk.

Over the last couple of years school staff have been working on supporting students by teaching them history about Race and Sexuality. There has been some progress, but the progress has been slow. In many school districts, students lack protection. For instance the Governor of Florida, Ron 

DeSantis signs so-called ‘Don’t say Gay’ Bill; Meaning that Public schools teachers in Florida are banned from teaching students about Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity can not occur through Kindergarten to Highschool. 

Books in Texas on Race and Sexuality are quickly disappearing from Texas schools. 

The numbers are going up, which means the Next generations will not be able to be educated on History. Which is a major problem that we have to fix before things get worse during time.