When It All Falls Down…


graphic by Maddie Soffian

Kanye is bound 2 falling off…

   Kanye’s current ubiquitous presence on any and every social media platform is– to no one’s surprise– a reason other than his stellar music. Despite the humor that has come of Kanye’s irrational remarks, his recent antisemetic comments have spiked outrageous levels of concern.

   Kanye has claimed that ‘fore the day he dies, he will touch the sky, but his recent career downfall may pose an obstacle in achieving his 2005 goal. In 2018, Kanye threw away his reputation and vocalized his white supremecist and racist beliefs when inferring slavery as ‘a choice’ at a TMZ appearance. Individuals raged over these remarks, confused about how his fan base could still proudly listen to his music. 

   3 years later, Kanye proved he did not learn from his mistakes repping “white lives matter” shirts with his ally, Candace Owens, at Paris Fashion Week (PFW). Once again, where Kanye managed to fish himself out and continue on his career without negative sponsorship interference. 

   Soon after the PFW incident, Kanye also made the downright rude remark that Lizzo only holds her fame due to her weight, and that her income comes solely from promoting unhealthy lifestyles. 

   Continuing his year of offensive remarks, Kanye vivdly told fans a story of Pete Davidson (Kanye’s ex-wife’s boyfriend)’s brutal murder. This sign of violence and jealousy generates considerable concern among those involved in the wellbeing of Kim Kardashion (Kanye’s ex-wife) and their four children. How are they going to be treated with the entire world shaming their racist father?

   Disputes between A-list celebrities and Kanye are additionally prominent among the music industry. At the 2009 VMAs, Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, claiming Beyonce should have won the best music video award, not Swift. The actions at the award show led to a perpetual feud between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Additionally, Drake and Kanye are known enemies, which blew up after he cut Drake from “All of the Lights”, Ye’s 2010 single. 

    Following intense public embarrassment, Kanye should be thinking about how to cure his psychotic mentality rather than change his name to Ye. Kanye’s quick, impulsive remarks trigger many individuals worldwide…even those who have never heard a word of his music.

   At this point no one is surprised to hear something so completely out of pocket escape Ye’s mouth. But, stating that he is going “death con 3 [sic] on JEWISH PEOPLE”, is shocking and mind twisting. 

   Companies are taking his ridiculous, antisemetic comments into consideration and realizing that a great artist does not outweigh his morals. Despite all other racist, degrading, and unethical comments, this was finally the last straw for West. 

  Still, he refuses to listen to the various companies threatening to drop him. In denial of his actions, Kanye further claims these antisemetic comments will not prevent companies from sponsoring. Thankfully, his theory proved to be inadequate. Adidas, Balenciaga, MRC, Vogue, and CAA have recently declared an end to their partnership. ‘You can’t tell me nothing right?’ right Kanye, clearly.  

   It is rumored that half of the claims that Kanye made against Jewish people have been hidden and censored by the media. Antiemetic hate groups have also organized gatherings over Los Angeles overpasses, letting the world know they support this man and his claims. Kanye’s remarkable way of convincing fans to stay throughout his mental instabilities and bigoted claims has finally reached its tipping point. But, does Kanye’s remarkable music outweigh his personal life behind the songs?