Swimming makes a splash before the season closes

For Celeste Lebold, a junior on Eastern’s swim team, swimming is all about the drive. She says, “In order for a good swimmer to be great they must go to as many practices as they can, be devoted to dropping time and have the drive to continue, even if they gain time in a race.” 

  Since student athletes need to keep their grades up to par to participate in their sport, it is important that they are able to strike a healthy balance between schoolwork and the time commitments to their sport. 

     In an interview with Celeste Lebold, a junior on Eastern’s swim team, she explained how she balances school and swim: “I manage my schedule by planning out everything— and I mean everything. My planner tells me the assignments and work I need to do each day and by what time. Still, I end up staying up late doing homework.”

     In a sport, like swimming, where each individual athlete has their own stroke, goals and times to beat, one might wonder if the athletes on the team get the same team spirit that other sports have. When asked if Eastern swim still feels like a team, Lebold said: “Although swimming is technically individual, since it’s based off of each individual’s time, I consider it a team sport,” 

     She compared club swimming to school swimming: “Winter swimming for club teams is definitely more individualized, but for school teams it’s more of a team effort. Cheering for your teammates while they swim a close event makes you feel so invested in their event and makes each event so exciting.”

     When asked about the team’s performance this season, Lebold said, “The Eastern boys swim team are in a higher division this year and are putting in a lot of effort. The Eastern girls swim team has won around three meets this season, and has had many amazing swims.” 

     Like any athlete, swimmers are always looking for ways to make progress, get better at their sport. A swimmer sees their progress when they improve their time in their specified events. 

   Lebold says she improves her time by going to practice with a good mentality and being prepared to put in the work. She says her favorite event is the 50 free because it’s “quick and fast, but satisfying to drop time in.” 

     After high school, swimmers have many opportunities to continue with their swimming career. Some swim in college, others become coaches, and some swimmers make it all the way to competing in the Olympics. 

   As for Celeste’s future in swimming, she says that she can see herself swimming club in college, but still wants to maintain good grades and focus on her studies. For now, it’s all about the drive.